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About Us

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We arrange all aspects of your trip

Aarhus Tours is an incoming travel agency: We arrange stays and excursions primarily in Aarhus and the Central Region of Denmark, bus also in the rest of Denmark. We follow our customers from the earliest preparations until goodbye.

We are your contact in Aarhus
Make sure you get a nice trip to Aarhus or Denmark: We take care of all preparations and practicalities while you enjoy your stay.

It's imortant for us to make the perfect offer for our guests, and we can you you weather you want a study trip with a strong academic content or a varied and exciting leisure trip. After more than 10 year in the business, we have a wide network of great collaborators and we know every special part of Aarhus. We want to create experiences, where our guests feel welcome and safe, so they can lean back and enjoy their stay.

Our team consists of employees with very different age, expertises and education, so we can fulfill our guests many different interests and needs.
Aarhus Tours offers extraordinary experiences in Aarhus and the rest of Denmark. It's experiences you remember when you return home.

Contact us

If you consider a trip to Aarhus or Denmark, then please contact us. We are available at telephone and e-mail, and offer gladly a cup of coffe in our office at Dokk1 in Aarhus.

Our Guides

Aarhus Tours offers tailormade guided tours, arranged after your wishes and needs. We have a standard guided tour that all our guides are walking, unless you demand something special. All our guides are educated from Aarhus University and have each of their experties. We can adjust the number of guides depending on the group size and the groups wishes. Read more about our guides below.


We also arrange workshops, which we can adjust after your needs, special wishes and purpose with the trip. 

About our guides

Maj Nørgaard Christensen

Maj is 29 years old and has a bachelor's degree in Dramaturgy and a master's degree in Rhetoric, both from Aarhus University. She has worked with professional theater setups at Aarhus Theater and The Theatre Svalegangen.

Maj is specialized in telling the good story, which she also gives lectures in at Odder High School. Maj is born and raised in Aarhus and has a big knowlodge of the history of Aarhus and all the alternative bars, restaurants and attractions.

Relateret billede

Troels Engelbrecht

Troels is 31 years old and has a bachelor's degree in History and a master's degree in Media Studies, both from Aarhus University. In addiction to that, he is an educated scriptwriter from the alternative movieschool Super 8 and he has both written movies and documentaries for DR. 

Troels has a huge knowlodge about the history of Denmark and Aarhus, which he combines with more alternative stories from the city's crime stories and night life while he walks you to alternative routes in the streets of Aarhus.

Marie Rasmussen

Marie is 30 years old and has a bachelor's degree in Dramaturgy and a master's deree in Aesthetics and Culture, both from Aarhus University. She has worked at Aarhus Theater's citizens scene and at the dance company Dadadans. Currently, Marie makes creative workshops with children and teenagers in Gellerup through the art projekt called Sigrids Stue.

Marie specializes in art and social relations and in her master thesis, she examined how artistic processes can create appreciaiton to different groupings in society, for example immigrants, refugees and mentally vulnerables. 

Mia Rudfeld

Mia is 29 years old and has a master's degree in Art History from Aarhus University. Currently she is teaching vulnerable refugees in danish and integraiton. Mia is born and raised in Aarhus and has a big knowledge to the city and it's history.  

Mia specializes in Architecture and Art and has a huge knowledge about the many iconic buildings in Aarhus. Mia has written assignments about Aarhus Art Museum, ARoS, and knows the museum in and out. Mia is therefore the obvious choice as a guide on the museum.

Martin Bjørnholt Christiansen

Martin is 29 years old and has a master's degree in Philosophy and History from Aarhus University. Martin has a great knowledge about social structure and municipal projects in Aarhus. Martin specializes in the new part of the city around Godsbanen called Aarhus K. Here is Institute for X, whish is a blooming place from start-up companies and alternative projects in Aarhus. Martin does guided tours in the new part of the city, which is Aarhus' answer for Christiania.


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